Get in the ring with the "Juice"

Fantasy camp open for anyone wanting to live their dream

Get in the ring with WCW and LLucha star Juvi "Juice". Any and all fitness levels we will make you a superstar.

Sinn Bodhi's Fantasy camp!


Pro wrestling fanstasy camp!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get into the ring with a pro? Or what its like to hit the ropes and come off the top rope with an elbow? Than fanstay Camp is for you! No matter your age, physical ability or history of wrestling you can look like a pro. With Fanstasy camp you can get into the ring have a safe match and get a video to show all your freinds or relatives at home. We keep you safe and work around your abilty and edit the content to make you..... YES.... You the superstar. Many packages available. Call the number below to see how you can be the champ you've always wanted to be. Many options for one on one to tage matches for the family! Dont wait call now! 


Call now!!!!

For packages and price info call

(702) 325-6410

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Or visit the facebook page for the experience of a lifetime!

Check out pics & video below of some past Campers!

What kind of video you can get!

Here’s some video’s of the matches you can have!