Upcoming events at Snakepit FSW!

Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Ted Debiase seminar!


Wednesday Febuary 5th you get two legends for the price of one. Hacksaw jim Duggan and the million dollar man Ted Debiase host a seminar for wrestling students to learn the ropes and how to be a superstar. Learn from 2 hall of fame's tickets only $30.00

Hacksaw and Debiase Road stories


Thursday febuary 6Th @ 8pm Hacksaw Jim duggan and "the million Dollar man" Ted Debiase share their crazy adventures thru the wrestling buissness in this one night only event. Includes a Q&A and a selfie. Come listen to the ups and down of two hall of famers tickets only $40.00 what a deal.

FSW presents high octane!


Sunday january 12th FSW presents High Octane. Come see stars such as death proof, sky high, Graves, kyle Hawk and the NO limits Champion Remy Marcel defend his title against Ice Williams and such more. Bell time 6

FSW presents NO Escape from Sam's town live.


Saturday January 25th FSW presents NO Escape at Sam's Town live. See Killer Kross in what might be his last FSW appearance. Also Funnybone, kyle Hawk, Graves, Teddy Hart Owen travers, FSW women's Champion Lacy Evan's and so much more. Come catch all the action inside the cage bell time is 7pm


Natural born killers 2!

FSW arena Friday Dec. 13th

Friday December 13th FSW presents Natural Born Killers 2. Come see the all out mayhem when Killer Kross, Austin Aries, Stephen Bonnor, FSW women's champion Lacy Ryan, MVP, Simon Gotch, Hammerstone and many more step in to the ring for all out war. The last NBK show saw the the surprise of Jon Moxley so you never know who or what is going to happen be there at 7pm.

FSW "Against all Odds

Friday November 15th Sam's Town live


Friday Nov. 15th see all your favorite FSW superstars at Against all odds. 30 men will compete in a battle royal to determine the #1 contender for Chris Bey's heavyweight title. Also Kyle Hawk and Greg Romero continue their feud in a first Blood match. Also see the 1%, Hammerstone, DouglasJames, Damian drake the current no limits Champion, Remy Marcel, ice William's. Plus FSW Womans Champion Lacy Ryan defends her title against Mazzerati, and so much more be there 7pm bell time!


FSW " Nightmare on Fremont st.

This Devil's night come on down to Fremont st to see all your Favorite FSW superstars in a great Halloween themed event. Featuring Killer Kross and " the king of song style" Joey Ryan.


Freakshow Wrestling at Las Rageous!

Wrestling and Rock combined!

Freakshow wrestling will be a part of this years Las Rageous Rock festival. Come in down and see all the weirdness and mayhem as freakshow invades the festival get your tickets now!

FSW Mecca V

FSW Presents "Mecca V"


FSW's Mecca returns to Sam's town live Sunday sept. 29. See all the big stars in action with Joey Ryan the king of Dong Style, FSW heavyweight champion Chris Bey, New age daredevil and FSW no limits champion Damian Drake, Hammerstone, Matt Sydel, the lucha Brothers and ao much more!!!!. If you can't catch it live then order it for the first time on PPV this is the event people are going to be talking about for the rear of the year Don't miss it!!

More upcoming FSW action!

FSW High octane!


High Octane returns to the FSW arena Friday August 2 with Judgment day. See the Heavyweight champion Chris Bey vs Graves in a battle for the ages as well as Damain Drake, Sefa Fatu, Owen Travers, Shaggy Mclovin and well as all your favorite FSW stars.

Survival of the fittest returns to Sam's town


FSW Brings Survival of the Fittest back to Sam's Town live Saturday August 17 @ 7pm. Come see all the over top Action of the stars such as Chris Bey, Hammerstone, Owen travers, Shogun Jones, Shaggy mclovin, the Bonus Boys and all the greats FSW has to offer.


FSW presents "Natural Born Killers"

Friday July 5 FSW arena is getting crazy

 Friday July 5 FSW arena is hosting "Natural Born Killers" a event crossing wrestling with MMA. Come see FSW alumni killer Kross, Austin Ares, Dave Mizany as well as former WWE superstar Simon Gotch. Along with MMA stars Frank Mir, Tom Laylor and UFC hall of Famer Stephen Bonnor as well as much more. FSW arena July 5 9P.M. it is going to get violent be there!!!

June 2019 FSW Wrestling action!

Beer's and Bodyslams down at Neonopolis!


FSW returns to Downtown Neonopolis with Beer's and bodyslam's featuring the Debut of the king of "Dong Style" Joey Ryan. Come down and see all the stars under the lights of Vegas and party at the Nerd Bar.

FSW 10 year anniversary at Sam's Town


It's the ten year anniversary of FSW and it is going to be huge! The Debut of TJ perkins as well as the return of Impact star Killer Kross, the return of Kenny King. Also the demigod of death Funnybone, the warlord of weird Sinn Bodhi, the One percent, "the problem" Joseph Fatu, "the buissness" and MLW star and former world Champion Hammerstone as well as many others. This is a can't miss event! Be there or miss history in the making Sunday June 23 5pm Sam's Town Live! 

"Lucha Libre Las Vegas" May 4 1:30 @FSW arena

Lucha Libre Las Vegas returns with Puma King


We Return with Lucha Legend Puma King to the FSW arena Saturday May 4 @ the FSW arena!

Lucha Legends!


See Lucha Legends Atomico, Durango Kid, Classicus Shadow and Rey Leon!



We also have superheros in action such as El Spider, El Venom, D and Macho Mouse!



In action such scary and over the top wrestlers like Kyle Hawk, Sinn Bodhi and Funnybone!

Future Stars!


Up and coming future stars like Leopardo Diamonte, Kartel, Robbie Lit and Shaggy Mclovin!

Incredible Host and Management!


Also set to appear great host and manager talents Bobby Bemer and Primo Pulpo!

"Cinco De Mayo" May 4 @ Plaza Hotel

Come party with us on Cinco De Mayo


Lucha Libre Las Vegas Returns to the Plaza Hotel and Casino saturday May 4 for the Cino De Mayo Party. Come on down and see all the great Action.

"Free Show"


Yes you heard the the show is free. Party under the dome with us for Cinco De Mayo tons of over the top action!


FSW returns to sam's town for Mecca IV

See all the stars and alumni of FSW at Mecca IV

We have all the stars of FSW returning to Sam's town March 17. See lucha legend Konnan, Mecca champion Johnny Mecca, Reno Scum, the one percent, Hammerstone and FSW Champion Chris Bey as well as all the up and coming stars of FSW in nonstop action!


inaugural Casino demolition derby Battle Royal

March 29th and 30th Plaza hotel and casino

Come see the first ever Casino Demolition derby Battle Royal! See the stars of Snakepit and FSW battle it out in a two night event at plaza hotel and casino meet and greet at 7 show at 9 pm. Be there for all the Bone crunching action.


Lucha Libre returns sunday March 31

Come see the best Lucha action in Vegas!

Come see all your lucha Libre Las Vegas great from Sinn Bodhi Lil Cholo Mariachi Loco Ricky Mundo Shaggy Mclovin Lepardo Diomnte and so much more get your tickets early as last time we sold out and had to turn fans away. See us tear the house down!

Lucha Libre Las vegas comes back to FSW arena March 31

Lucha Libre Las Vegas is back January 20th


Juat some of the action we have this Saturday at 1:30pm


In depth interview with Jake Roberts himself

Jake on Joe Rogan experience


Wrestling action under the dome!

Just in time for Halloween the party under the dome. Werewolves, Vampires, and clowns! Come on down

Any Given night!

You never know who's going to stop by the pit. On wenesday August first we had Sabu, Lucha Legend Mathmatico, Sinn Bodhi, and UFC Hall of Famer Stephen Bonnor. Where are you?


July 13th New match signed for “Beer’s & Bodyslam’s 2”

Wrestling legend Sabu vs the “Demi-god of death” Funnybone


“Moonwalk ddt” breaks the internet!

At “Beer‘s & Bodyslam’s” by FSW Michael Jackson imperesonator hits the “ Moonwalk DDT” and the video went viral. Hitting ESPN and has over 4.4 million views. Check it out here



New FSW Snakepit shirt

Newly designed Snakepit FSW Shirt designed and coming soon to a show near you!!